What Type Of Doctor Should I See For Weight Loss

What Type Of Doctor Should I See For Weight Loss

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What type of doctor should I see for weight loss? Where do I start? Have you tried to lose weight through continuous dieting or crazy exercise routines? While you may see some initial results from these methods, they’re rarely permanent and can even damage your long-term health. If you are ready to get serious about your weight loss and do it in a safe and healthy way, it’s time to start working with a medical professional. A doctor who specializes in weight management can develop a customized plan for your health to get the permanent results you want.

There are several different types of professionals who specialize in weight management: general practitioners, dieticians, nutritionists, bariatric physicians, and bariatric surgeons. It’s helpful to understand the differences between these practitioners so you can find the right one for you.

General Practitioners

When asking, “What type of doctor should I see for weight loss” a common thought is to talk to your general practitioner or PCP. If you see a general practitioner or internal medicine doctor, you can find advice and support for your weight issues. Many of these doctors provide general assistance for weight management, though there are some who specialize in diet, exercise, and weight issues. A general practitioner can help you approach your weight from the standpoint of your overall health, and may advise a holistic approach to deal with your weight challenges. Your doctor may refer you to a psychologist or counselor if your food and weight issues have an emotional component.

Dietitians and Nutritionists

“Nutritionists are experts in food and nutrition and are the top searched type of doctor when patients search for “What type of doctor should I see for weight loss”. They can help patients choose the right things to eat, help them plan menus, and advise them on the health effects of certain foods. Nutritionists assess a patient’s current dietary habits and needs, educate them on healthy eating habits, follow up to ensure the menus are working, and write reports that document a patient’s progress.” Source

They might also speak to groups, such as schools or businesses, about good nutrition and preventing health problems through proper foods. Nutritionists frequently work closely with individuals who have medical issues, such as those with diabetes or those undergoing chemotherapy, to help them find the right foods to eat for their best possible health.

Generally, dietitians and nutritionists have training in health and weight management strategies to provide non-medical options to support your health. Many provide personalized consultations and advice on how to plan and prepare healthy food.

Bariatric Physicians

Bariatric physician: A physician practicing bariatrics, the field of medicine concerned with weight loss programs. Also called a bariatrician. The terms are used interchangeably. The American Society of Bariatric Physicians states that: “These guidelines provide suggestions for the work-up and follow-up of the bariatric patient. They are not intended to replace, and indeed cannot replace, the bariatrician’s judgment regarding a particular patient’s treatment.” When searching, “What type of doctor should I see for weight loss”, this is another popular search result.

Bariatric physicians specialize in treating patients who struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. These doctors receive focused training on treatments for obesity and on ways to improve health through positive lifestyle changes. While some people confuse bariatric physicians with bariatric surgeons, it’s important to understand that seeing a bariatric specialist doesn’t automatically lead to surgery. Many bariatric physicians including Shannon Schlicher of LKN Weight Loss & Wellness, develop comprehensive weight-management programs combining diet, exercise, and behavioral therapy to achieve results without invasive surgery.

Benefits Of Seeing A Nutritionist & Bariatric Physician

While some people find success in their weight-management journey by seeing a general practitioner or nutritionist, there are many unique benefits to working with an experienced weight loss physician when they search for, “What type of doctor should I see for weight loss”, including:

  • Multi-faceted approach to maintaining a healthy weight
  • Dietary advice to promote healthy food choices
  • Exercise plans customized to each patient’s needs and limitations
  • Behavioral modification therapy
  • Sustainable lifestyle changes for permanent weight management
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